Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions are applicable to all contracts for the provision of services to the exclusion of any other terms and conditions. Booking confirmations made verbally, through our website or via written form i.e. email, letter, are subject to these terms and conditions.
Please read the following terms and conditions of sale carefully before ordering products or services from us. By purchasing products or services from us, you agree to these terms of sale. These terms do not replace or affect your statutory rights. In these terms, “you” and “your” refer to the customer and “we”, “us”, “ThirstyWagon” and “our” refer to ThirstyWagon company. ThirstyWagon accepts no variation of these terms & conditions unless agreed in advance in writing.


We all deserve to look forward to our big day or private event. We understand that things are a little uncertain right now, so when you book with us, should Coronavirus affect our ability to attend your event we will be happy to assist you in transferring your booking or offer you a full refund.


In order to secure the service and date of ThirstyWagon, we ask for full payment. This is fully refundable if cancelled within 14 days from initial payment (cooling off period / change of mind or circumstances).


In the event of cancellation, twenty-eight (28) days minimum notice prior to the event is required in writing via Royal Mail ‘signed for’ delivery to avoid the full invoice being charged. Bookings are transferable or refundable up until fourteen (14) days post booking date unless previously discussed in writing. Full payment is required if above terms are not met.


Timings are agreed in writing no later than twenty-eight (28) days prior to event.

All verbal and emailed booking requests only become binding once confirmed via our booking system on www.thirstywagon.co.uk. To confirm a booking, the client must provide full payment either by credit or debit card or electronic transfer via our booking page on www.thirstywagon.co.uk.

Any additional hours or fees requested on the event date must be paid no later than seven (7) days following the event, unless a contract is prepared and signed stating otherwise. Debtors following this date will be passed to a collections agency whose fees the client will be liable for.


Adequate parking is required for all events and must be provided by the client. Registrations can be provided if required. Suitable access and serving space (5m x 5m) is required for ThirstyWagon to provide its bar service. Suitable unloading and loading locations must be provided. Any delays to service arising from unloading facilities and/or parking deemed poor by our staff will not be the responsibility of ThirstyWagon.


ThirstyWagon will provide service for the agreed service hours from their start time until the end time, as dictated by your booking and confirmed with you on your invoice. This time cannot be adjusted within twenty-eight (28) days of your event or must be agreed in writing with ThirstyWagon prior to event. Times can not be adjusted on the day of the event.


When hiring ThirstyWagon, a reasonable amount may be billed to the client in respect of any damage to the bar, other than reasonable wear and tear, which is shown to have been caused by guests of the client upon inspection of the damage to the bar.
The client is responsible for providing a 13 amp socket within reasonable locality of the positioning of ThirstyWagon. We will supply an extension cord of no greater than ten (10) metres. If this is not possible the client must make ThirstyWagon aware twenty-eight (28) days prior to the event.
We do aim to provide ThirstyWagon in a good state, however, considering the vehicles age and working several events general wear and tear, light scratches and marks may appear on ThirstyWagon. We do repair and replace these minor areas regularly.


ThirstyWagon uses reusable solid plastic and/or polycarbonate glassware along with environmentally friendly packaging. This is to ensure guest safety. All glassware is audited prior to the event. Glass collection points will be provided at multiple locations at the event, we encourage the use of these for recycling purposes.


We treat all complaints about our service, either in advance, during or after the event seriously. If you are not happy with the service whilst the event is happening, the best thing to do is speak with the staff on site and see if the problem can be rectified. If this is difficult or unrealistic to do, please call the out of hours mobile number on your pre-arrival document and we will do everything we can to resolve the problem. Your event cannot be replicated at a later date, so we need to know as soon as possible if there is a way for us to enhance your enjoyment of your event right there and then. Complaints made post-event are much harder for us to deal with, and we ask that video or photographic evidence be supplied where possible in order to assist your claim. We will only provide full or partial refunds where ThirstyWagon has to change the service against the organisers’ plans specified in writing prior to event.


ThirstyWagon is not responsible for acquiring temporary event notices (TEN) from the event location’s council unless required to do so in writing by the client to bookings@thirstywagon.co.uk twenty-eight (28) days prior to event (E-mail acknowledgment is required from ThirstyWagon). Therefore, ThirstyWagon is not responsible for any breaches of licenses outside of Thirstywagons control. ThirstyWagon promotes responsible drinking and are licensed with drinkaware.co.uk


Rates and invoices are subject to change dependent on client’s requirements, additional hours and stock. ThirstyWagon will give reasonable notice to the client of changes to rates and invoices and rates set out in the quote provided to the client shall not change. Any additional hours not previously discussed will be charged at the full hourly rate, regardless of discount applied at time of booking.


ThirstyWagon has both public liability and employers insurance for all events.
Insurance via Mobilers Insurance Services
Public Liability: £5,000,000
Employers Liability: £10,000,000
Policy details available on request
We strongly recommend that you understand why it is important to book with a fully insured company. You can read advice on this by visiting https://www.mobilers.co.uk/liability-insurance


Additional services – Add-ons: If full payment is not received by twenty-eight (28) days prior to the event date, we will be unable to provide our services and any pre-payments will be non-refundable.


ThirstyWagon shall not be liable for any delay, loss or cancellation of service arising from contingencies beyond their control e.g. hurricane, snow-caused road closure, flooding, ‘act of God’ etc. If adverse weather conditions are forecast on or prior to the event date, it is advised that the client contacts ThirstyWagon 48hrs prior to the event to discuss refund options. If ThirstyWagon is at fault i.e. due to illness or breakdown, a full refund will be issued. Although we do aim to provide a highly professional and entertaining service, ThirstyWagon is not responsible for the success or non- success of an event.

We ask that the client thoroughly checks through the invoice to ensure that the venue address, mobile contact, times and date are correct. We cannot be held accountable if our bartenders are late and cannot contact the client to confirm. Likewise we provide you with an out of office mobile contact in case of the above.

When hiring a service that provides alcohol, you must be over 18 years of age to book this service.

The above conditions are subject to change at the discretion of ThirstyWagon in part or in whole for one or more of its clients where the company has grounds deemed necessary.

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